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Our greatest asset is the know-how. We have a decade of experience in web development. We have built web applications and a lot of websites for a huge variety of businesses. We saw the inner workings of many industries and markets of Romania (from enthusiastic start-ups to market leaders) and got to interact with some of the best people in their fields. We are thankful to everyone we met in these years of hard work. Their input was a key ingredient in our evolution.

We make web applications, web portals, web sites, brands and digital design.

We analyze, think and improve workflows, decision making and sales performances through fine-tuned custom designed digital systems.

We offer tailored applications and services to value oriented brands.




In 2017 we became one of the sponsors of Patriot Fest, the first romanian innovation competition for national security, initiaded by MApN, MAI, SRI, STS, SPP and the New Strategy Center association. The Patriot Fest project was built on the idea that a country's most important resource is the human resource so we should encourage innovative talent by creating opportunities for its grouth right here in Romania.




In 2017 we developed DataFlows, the application suite who organizes, optimizes and simplifies workflows in companies of any size.




In 2016 we celebrated 10 years of activity.

2006-2016 10 years



In 2013 we launched, the style magazine.




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